Strategic thinking is at the core of everything we do. Our strategists and subject matter experts weigh in on all our work, in addition to offering specific strategy and consulting services.
  • Brand Strategy + Design
  • Our brand strategy process gives you access to a dynamic account team that’ll take you through a complete brand journey, from research to competitive analysis, digital touchpoints, and more. Our brand development process includes assessment, positioning, brand identity, and marketing planning. 

  • Customer Strategy
  • Our approach to customer strategy is a mix of in-depth research, data, and well-trained intuition. We can help you define your target audiences with precision and develop customer segmentation strategies based on your business or specific campaign objectives so you deliver your message to the right prospects, at the right time. 

  • Channel + Campaign Management
  • We develop channel strategies that drive results by aligning targets, messages, and platforms. While we offer end-to-end campaign management solutions, we’re more than happy to work in tandem with your team to get your strategy from pen and paper to the world. 

  • CRM + Loyalty
  • From email to SMS, and every touchpoint in between, we thrive on customer-centric CRM and email marketing.   

  • Digital Transformation + Optimization
  • We can help you harness the power of technology to transform your business. From upgrading your systems to optimizing your digital efforts, our experts will help you find digital solutions to every problem. 

Powerful creative takes immense talent, and we’ve got that in spades. Our award-winning, multi-disciplinary team delivers beautiful and effective work informed by technology and analytics expertise.
  • Creative Direction + Strategy
  • Our award-winning creative team consists of art directors, copywriters, developers, animators, and designers who have a passion for the craft and big ideas that work.  

  • Campaign Development
  • From social to broadcast, and everything in between, we continually explore those “always-on” touchpoints that expand an experience and amplify your message.  

  • UX + UI Design
  • Our next-level UX design skills are the foundation for every project. We focus on user interface design that bridges intuition with information and provides wayfinding for your brand’s best attributes.  

  • A/V
  • With writers, editors, and mixers (plus a few Emmy and Clio awards) in-house, we offer state-of-the-art audio and video production from concept to completion.  

Technology allows us to interrogate impossibility. We push the boundaries of imagination by crafting high-performing, individualized interfaces that lead to real-world results.
  • Martech Strategy + Consulting
  • Our team leverages the best new software and technology to develop strategies and execute, measure, and optimize marketing campaigns, giving you the power to track what’s working and what’s not. 

  • Web + App Development
  • Our front-end and back-end development capabilities work with Microsoft .NET, PHP, Java, multiple Content Management Systems (CMS), and integrations, as well as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.  

  • Enterprise Solutions + Architecture
  • We provide a complete view of the enterprise ecosystem, leveraging your preferred data source and managing the orchestration of data flow through the system. Our team can assist you with full life-cycle data architecture or help solve specific challenges with tailored solutions. 

  • Customer Data Management
  • Our digital integration services make personalization and shared data a seamless and straightforward experience — connecting consumer data across websites, CRM databases, and analytics.  

Our approach to analytics transforms information into insights. We leverage data to drive experiences and forecast outcomes, extracting maximum value by putting that data to work.
  • Data + Analytics Strategy
  • We focus on actionable insights to build an unbeatable data strategy framework for hyper-relevance.  

  • Customer Insights
  • More than just a customer experience agency, we see ourselves as social archeologists. By digging deep, we uncover customer data that develops a layered understanding of customer behavior. 

  • Channel Attribution + Performance Reporting
  • We tailor analytics frameworks to each of our client’s needs and intently focus on choosing the best channels and the best role for each goal.  

  • Web Analytics
  • We customize our digital marketing analytics approach to each client’s needs using a selection of the top platforms from Google, Adobe, Qlik, and Microsoft BI Stack, as well as Domo, Tableau, Qualtrics, and Medallia. 

  • Predictive Analytics + Machine Learning + AI
  • We help you stay ahead of the curve with a suite of advanced solutions like machine learning and data modeling. Our work can transform numbers into actionable insights that become business decisions and deliver performance results. 

Through our broadcast and digital PR services, we deliver turnkey video and media distribution solutions at scale.
  • Satellite and Virtual Media Tours
  • Industry leading studio, remote and virtual media tours deliver high quality interviews and guarantee a minimum of 30 million impressions.

  • Targeted Audio News Releases
  • Reach your target audiences where they listen, with ANR play on top stations across popular formats in every U.S. market.

  • Radio Media Tours
  • Industry leading radio media tours deliver high quality interviews and guarantee a minimum of 20 million impressions.

  • Public Service Announcements
  • We’re known for our award-winning PSA production and proprietary distribution, tracking and reporting.

  • Video and Content Production
  • With over 30 Primetime Emmys and hundreds of industry awards, DEFINITION 6 is truly a family of versatile content creators. Please inquire for our demo reel.

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